If you are an investor /entrepreneur, please apply through Silpasathi portal for Water Connection Permit Click Here

WB FIRE SERVICE & EMERGENCY DEPT. , Government of West Bengal

This NOC clearance is mandatory for all types of buildings & is to be filled up by any individual applicant/firm/Govt. organization who wants to get the clearance of below-
1. Fire Safety Recommendation or Revised Fire Safety Recommendation
2. Issuance of Fire Safety Certificate Click to Read More

National Monuments Authority (NMA) , Government of India.

This form is to be filled up by any individual applicant/firm/Govt. organization who wants to get the clearance from the National Monuments Authority on their proposed sites of construction/re-construction which falls within the limit of any centrally protected monument/sites. The form contains the details on the proposed work with the enclosures on the building plans, maps, property papers etc.Click to Read More

Airports Authority of India (AAI), Government of India.

An online system for Height clearance for buildings and structures around civil airports by Airports Authority of India Click to Read More

Certification of LIFT & ESCALATOR Installation by Chief Electrical Inspector', Directorate of Electricity, Department of Power & Non-conventional Energy Sources, Government of West Bengal.

Implement a system that allows online application submission, payment and tracking of status without the need for a physical touch point for document submission for Certification of Lift or Escalator Installation by Chief Electrical Inspector mandate that all applications are submitted online. Click to Read More

URBAN LAND CEILING (ULC), Government of West Bengal.

With a view to prevent concentration of urban land in the hands of a few persons and thus to prevent speculation and profiteering and for the purpose of bringing a regime of equitable distribution of land in urban agglomeration to sub serve the common good and for the imposition of ceiling in the vacant land in urban agglomeration and acquisition of such ceiling excess vacant land by the State Government, the Urban Land (Ceiling and Regulation)Act,1976 was enacted by the Parliament of India. As per Section 3 of the said Act no person is eligible to hold ceiling excess vacant land in any urban agglomeration excepting some provisions of the Act. Now as per Rules of the West Bengal Municipal Building Rules, 2007 (amended) & KMC Building Rules,2009 , any person who intends to erect a new building on any site or to re-erect or make addition or alterations shall have to obtain a No Objection Certificate from the Competent Authority under the Urban Land (Ceiling and Regulation)Act,1976, if the size of the plot or site is more than 500 sq.m. or more. Competent Authority (CA) under the Urban Land (Ceiling and Regulation) Act, 1976 issues the No Objection Certificate (NOC) to the applicant after verifying that the applicant concerned does not hold any ceiling excess vacant land in the plot or site of the proposed building, as mentioned in the application. The said NOC is issued by the Competent Authority as specified in the concerned Notification of the Urban Development & Municipal Affairs Department in terms of the West Bengal Right to Public Service Act, 2013. Click to Read More